Welcome to the BI Oscars!! and the winner is..

What would the Oscars of the BI world look like? Would the big production houses that have dominated the industry for years be at the top of the nominations list, or would an unconventional upstart lead the list of nominations from their peer group? Isn’t it fascinating to watch how Slumdog Millionaire has generated so much hype at the 2009 Hollywood showcase, leaving the biggest production houses, big names producers and directors and highest paid actors and actresses in their slumdog dust.

Watching an interview with Vikas Swarup, the humble author of Q&A, the book that is the basis of the movie, I was inspired by how simply he had described his creative process and how seemingly easily he had unwittingly taken on the traditional industry and won. Is this a glimpse into the future, people are beginning to trust the smaller guy and acknowledge quality for what it is, regardless of brand name or historical reputation. Would the BI Oscars have a slumdog millionaire that could upstage the marquee brands? Absolutely. It would make a fascinating evenings entertainment.