Alchemex Values Part 7: Cleaning up our Act by Charles Teversham

As we move into the new Sage regime and with our first Softline conference behind us, it is interesting to see some encouraging patterns emerging. It was a very proud moment to stand in front of the Softline leaders from all the South African operating companies (Pastel, Accpac, VIP, Netcash) and share the Alchemex story with them. It was also very exciting to see that although most of these operating companies were acquired by Sage more than 5 years ago, there was still an amazing passion from their people. They speak and behave as if it is still their company. It was also quite striking to see the exceptional set of financial results achieved by ALL operating companies. Next year, Alchemex will be on that list, and the exciting thing is that we are the only company in that group that has a global opportunity.

Having said that, as the Alchemex team we have to MAKE this happen. We cannot afford to sit back and just LET things happen at the speed of Sage. We need to become great at OUR game: more efficient, effective, transparent and TOGETHER! Remember Gary’s post last week about winners and losers?

I’m incredibly excited about the way that everyone at Alchemex has supported the change of being a company that is part of the Sage group. I just wanted to remind ourselves about a few things that WILL and do make us world-class – and it’s no coincidence that it all revolves around communication…

  • Communicate often and appropriately – pick up the phone and call if you can’t walk over to someone’s desk… or call them on Skype.
  • Be careful to use e-mail appropriately … here is a list – go check it out E-mail consumes a massive amount of most people’s days. Let’s all really think about how we can help each other by minimizing e-mail, but maximizing communication! If you think someone is responding inappropriately, or that you are being copied inappropriately, then let them know!
  • Pay attention to deadlines and commitments. If you are not going to make it, let people know – that’s OK – it happens, but don’t be silent.
  • Arrive to meetings on time – or even 5 minutes early. If you are going to be late, let the meeting organizer know.
  • When you are collecting/asking for information that needs to be passed onto someone else…try to think what they will need to make their life easier, and get it for them!

These are simple things that should be part of our standard routine. Great teamwork is about contribution and responsibility. Each and every one of you ARE leaders in this business. If you have team mates that are faltering, pull them along into the high performance zone so that we all experience it!

Remember our vision guys – to become the greatest Sage subsidiary in the world, by ANY measure!

Have FUN always and thank you for your support – the Alchemex TEAM is the greatest team EVER!!!!