Sage Intelligence takes part at the PowerBI Hackathon at Microsoft Netherlands

Microsoft hosted a Hackathon (a short collaborative development event) at their offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the end of last year. The team from Microsoft invited a few of their partners to take part in the event, mainly from The Netherlands, however we at Sage Intelligence were fortunate enough to crack the nod too.


Our goal was to put together a functional prototype where we would push data and report schemas into PowerBI, and then view the results within Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud. An innovation that would add incredibly powerful and unsurpassed visualization to the business reports our customers are able to produce. This functionality is currently only available when using (which would require our customers to authenticate their logon with a Microsoft account), but ultimately, we want to use it via PowerBI embedded (which does not require the Microsoft authentication).

We were pleasantly surprised during the introductions, as Microsoft had brought along two of their main developers on PowerBI embedded (from Israel)—and even more surprised when we were told (in private) that they only really came because they wanted to work with us!

The two day experience was spent putting together the basic prototype using the platform, but working closely with the Israel team to show them what we needed in the embedded platform. They were very interested in what we were doing and have asked us to stay in touch to help drive their roadmap in the future.

This is an incredible achievement for the team here at Sage Intelligence, as we continuously strive to delight our customers with the latest and greatest innovations.