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Learn how to reverse the sign of an account in the Sage Intelligence Online Report Designer

In Sage Intelligence, account balances are typically returned in their “natural format” from your Sage accounting or business management solution.  In other words, credit accounts (with a credit balance) are shown as negative values and debit accounts (with a debit balance) are shown as positives values.  However, in financial reporting, there are times when the […]

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Gain a complete visual health-check of your business with the aid of a dashboard

Over the past year we’ve created a number of financial and sales reports, allowing you to get a handle on the financial position of your business and be able to keep track of your creditors and debtors.  We’ve made these reports freely available to you through our Report Utility. Below is an example of just […]

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Join Sally as she helps you forge ahead, making use of the Sage Intelligence Connector module

Sage Intelligence gives you a lot of value out-the-box, through the ready-to-use reports provided in the Report Manager and the free reports that you can access via the Report Utility.  If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for then you also have the ability to tweak them to suit your needs or build your own […]

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8 tips to use when working with reports in the Excel Report Designer for Sage Intelligence

Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud provides convenience to you as it lets you work in whichever environment you’re most comfortable in. You can either choose to design reports in your browser through the Online Report Designer or in Excel—through the Excel Report Designer. When making use of the Excel Report Designer, there are a number of […]

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Learn how to turn a single-company report into a multi-company report

In Sage Intelligence, a number of reports are provided out-the-box for each Sage product. Most of these are standard ‘single company’ reports with some of them provided as consolidation versions—allowing you to aggregate data from multiple companies and create a multi-company report. It is, however, possible to turn any standard report into a consolidation report, […]

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