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Two ways to create calculated columns and rows in your Sage Intelligence reports

To create insightful and highly customizable reports, Sage Intelligence provides you with the ability to add calculated columns and rows to your reports.  These can be used to calculate, for example, variances, totals and other indicators at account and account category level, or based on your columns.  The below provides and explanation of the different […]

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Learn how to create a Consolidation Connection

Sage Intelligence allows you to report on data from different companies in a single report to obtain a holistic view of your organization and allow you to carry out more detailed comparative analysis.  The primary way to do this is through a Consolidation Report that uses a Consolidation Connection.  Once a Consolidation Connection has been […]

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Learn how to switch output modes when running a report in Sage Intelligence

Did you know that apart from being able to run reports out to Excel, Sage Intelligence allows you to switch output modes which can be useful when designing and debugging reports?  Two additional options are provided, output to Screen and output to SQL. Output to Screen does away with rendering a report to Excel and […]

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Learn how to change the year a column refers to in the Online Report Designer

In financial reporting, it is common to refer to years other than the current one, for example; in an Actual vs Prior Income Statement (or Profit and Loss report).  Sage Intelligence gives you several options to determine the year that you would like your columns to refer to when designing reports in the Online Report […]

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Learn how to reverse the sign of an account in the Sage Intelligence Online Report Designer

In Sage Intelligence, account balances are typically returned in their “natural format” from your Sage accounting or business management solution.  In other words, credit accounts (with a credit balance) are shown as negative values and debit accounts (with a debit balance) are shown as positives values.  However, in financial reporting, there are times when the […]

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Gain a complete visual health-check of your business with the aid of a dashboard

Over the past year we’ve created a number of financial and sales reports, allowing you to get a handle on the financial position of your business and be able to keep track of your creditors and debtors.  We’ve made these reports freely available to you through our Report Utility. Below is an example of just […]

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