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Learn how to grant or restrict access to reports in the Sage Intelligence Report Viewer

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Did you know that you can grant or restrict access to reports in the Sage Intelligence Report Viewer? Sage Intelligence makes this easy to do.  Perhaps you’re busy developing a new report and you don’t want users to be able to run it from the Viewer until you’re happy with it.  In this tip, I’m […]

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Conveniently remove blank item rows in your PivotTable reports


When creating reports, it’s usually preferred that rows with irrelevant data are excluded—as this results in a tidier, more readable report.  When it comes to PivotTable reports, this can include rows with blank items.  Below is an example of a report with them shown. To get rid of them, we have an add-in specifically for […]

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Learn how to report on more than just your financials in the Financial Report Designer

The Sage Intelligence Financial Report Designer report provides a comprehensive tool for your financial reporting needs.  However, there may be times when you’d like to include other data in it to add to the information you can report on in a single report. Although the Report Designer has a defined structure which must be maintained, […]

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Saving changes to an existing report layout in Sage Intelligence Reporting

Sage Intelligence Reporting allows you to create reports of your own, as well as customize your existing ones, all in the familiar environment of Microsoft® Excel®.  This is based on the Excel template that gets attached to each report.  Once it’s linked back, after any changes have been made, the formulas will update seamlessly with […]

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Enable the recipients of your distributed reports to interact with PivotTables like you do

Have you ever distributed reports containing PivotTables and found that your recipients aren’t able to interact with them, only having a snapshot of the data? Wouldn’t it be great if they could have some of the same functionality you do, like the ability to filter, drill down, or add other fields that may be of […]

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