How to create a Hierarchy SmartArt Graphic in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers you the ability to create and design a Hierarchy SmartArt Graphic.  This is useful in showing a graphical representation of an organogram, organisation chart or any hierarchy structure. This example, explained below, will help you create your own hierarchy. Our example scenario is of a Report Store that contains reports created for […]

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Learn how to extract more than one column of data with a single VLOOKUP formula in Excel

It’s been well over 10 years since I started training Microsoft Excel to corporate clients. During training sessions, delegates would usually ask questions on how they can use Excel to help them become more effective in their work. Last week, a financial manager asked me how she could easily look up more than one field of data […]

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How to effectively use custom number formatting to display your + or – values

In order to effectively analyze data, custom number formatting can be applied to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Custom number formatting is used to easily identify values based on a set criteria. In a large Excel spreadsheet, you can easily highlight all negative or positive values by using custom number formatting. In this example, we are going to […]

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