98 percent of businesses that use Sage need Intelligence Reporting

In a recent survey conducted by Sage Intelligence of Sage customers, 98 percent of respondents revealed that they rely on data to either support their decisions, or aid in their decision-making processes – highlighting the ever increasing need for Sage Intelligence Reporting.



It’s more than a feeling

While 54 percent of respondents added that they also rely on their instincts when making business decisions, almost all of them require data to enable them to confidently finalize their decisions. However, there’s never enough time to sort through the waves of spreadsheets, presentations, reports, and databases to find and analyze the data needed to make the best decisions. This can lead to businesses drowning in an ocean of data, and often sinking as a result of too many uninformed decisions.

Sage Intelligence Reporting gives its customers a lifeline. With easily accessible report generation based on real-time data, it allows businesses to manage their data growth. This is done by giving customers reports that are accurate and up to date, and allowing them to see the data immediately, without having to export data or create reports manually – a bonus for the 38 percent of respondents who still do this! Automatically running and distributing reports means that users don’t have to wait, prepare, or review data for accuracy, helping them spend more time analyzing information, and less time searching for it.

Instead of wishing for more information to run their businesses and make better decisions, business managers and owners wish for better, more concise information. Sage Intelligence Reporting grants this wish, by also providing customers with the ability to design, distribute, and customise their financial and nonfinancial reports – all through an interface they’re already familiar with, Microsoft Excel. This speaks directly to the 70 percent of respondents who admit that the greatest challenge they faced with business reporting was the ability to customize their reports, followed by their ability to create new reports, and to consolidate information from multiple sources into their reports.

A holistic view of your business

Over 70 percent of respondents use the static reports available in their current Sage solution for reporting. While standard solution reporting is easily accessible to users and helpful for specific data points, it lacks the functionality to give customers an even bigger overview of their business based on the key data points that are important to them.

Sage Intelligence Reporting enables customers to experience a holistic view of their businesses by being able to consolidate their data from Sage solutions and virtually any system, reducing spreadsheet chaos and improving collaboration. While Dashboards and KPIs give them a pulse of the business, drill-down capabilities allow for the ability to see the data behind it. It further enables customers to run reports with the click of a button or instead, conveniently automate the running and distribution of reports out to teams or individuals.

Sage Intelligence Reporting customers often call to its effort-reducing properties, its time saving properties, and its ability to provide better insights into their company’s numbers as the chief reasons why they continue to use it. With software readily available to revolutionise the way you use the data from your business, the only question is – are you ready to sink or swim?

Discover how you can use Sage Intelligence Reporting as a lifeline to help save you from your tidal wave of data by visiting the Sage Intelligence website.