Discovering Excel 2010 Online has launched

We are proud to announce the launch of our Discovering Excel 2010 online course. We have a great range of Excel training courses available and after researching what our clients’ needs are – we realised that we needed to include an intermediate level, online course.

How did the course come together?
Our content development team worked closely with our marketing and learning services teams to put together an exciting product.  As part of the Sage Group – our focus is on innovative learning products that help our customers work smarter, more efficiently and most importantly, save valuable time.

Why Online?
Classroom based training is great for most people but online training has unique benefits. Learn from anywhere, in your own time and at your own pace; perhaps in your office at work or in the comfort of your home. You can also repeat lessons and really work to understand the course content. You have 90 days to complete the course which means you can take an hour of your day once a week or if you feeling really enthusiastic, you can complete the course in one full day!

What does the course cover?
If you would like to take your basic Excel knowledge to the next level, then Discovering Excel 2010 Online is for you.

After the introduction to Discovering Excel 2010 Online– Sarah takes you through:

  • Working with Formulae
  • Creating Multiple Views
  • Formatting and Editing Worksheets
  • Using functions and also
  • An introduction to Creating and Editing Graphs

The course is filled with helpful tips and hints that will make working through it, quick and easy.  Our aim is to ensure you graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of how to make Excel work for you.

As a participant on the course, you’ll have access to:
After attending the course, you will complete an assessment to test your new knowledge and if you achieve a pass mark of 70% or above, you will receive a printable certificate to show off to your friends and family. All delegates also get 3 months access to the online academy as well as email support.

Why not work smarter and upgrade your Excel skills. Consider Discovering Excel as a convenient option. Visit our online academy today!