Sage 100 ERP customers, enjoy greater control over your financial reports

1. Sage100 Financial Reports ERP

After listening to your suggestions, over 60 enhancements were made to Sage 100 ERP to help improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability. A new Sage Intelligence Reporting feature that’s been added is the financial Report Designer which will empower you to take control over your financial reports. The Report Designer essentially combines the functionality of the Report Designer Layout Generator and the Report Designer Add-In which are in previous versions of Intelligence Reporting with added tools to make your reporting easy. Plus, we’ve made it possible for you to distribute reports with calculated formulas.

The new financial Report Designer gives you two methods to create your financial reports depending on your Microsoft® Excel® knowledge:

  1. Easy customization with the Layout Generator

If you’re still getting used to Excel, the Layout Generator is easy to use and automates the design and generation of simple financial report layouts. It provides you with a set of standard financial layouts to get you up and running immediately which you can customize.

You have greater flexibility in choosing exactly how you would like to define your report with row sets which can now be determined by multiple “type” options such as Account, Account Group, Account Type, Account Category and Rollup Code.

2. Sage100 Financial Reports ERP


  1. Complete financial reporting flexibility

If you’re more familiar with Excel, the new Task Pane (basically like an improved version of the old Report Designer Add-In) provides you with instant and dynamic access to data within the General Ledger. You can simply drag in data lists, formulas, or reporting trees from the Task Pane and your report will update instantaneously. You can now select your standard financial layouts from layouts on the Task Pane and from Quick Generate in the BI tools tab. To save you time when updating your reports, we’ve added a Missing Accounts feature which helps you detect accounts missing from your reports.

3. Sage100 Financial Reports ERP

And, as we mentioned earlier, you now have the option to send your reports with calculated formulas so that recipients of your reports can see how you got to the results and what parameters can be made to give them the results they are looking for.

One thing to be aware of is that the financial Report Designer has replaced the previous standard financial reports, so you will need to have a Report Designer license to take advantage of these financial reports. You can still access the previous financial reports,  they’re available for you to download on the Free Report Templates group on the Sage Intelligence Community.

Want to see the new features in action? Take a look at the videos on our Sage 100 ERP 2015 YouTube playlist.

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