Navigating your way around an excel workbook with many worksheets can be really frustrating and challenging. Simplify the process quickly and efficiently by using the hyperlink function.

A Hyperlink is a reference to a document, a location or an action that the reader can directly follow. Microsoft has added the ability to place hyperlinks directly into an Excel worksheet, connected to a number of worksheet objects; including shapes, charts and wordart, included as a worksheet formula or programmatically using VBA by selecting the link. The use of Hyperlinks in Excel has been extended to a number of areas and this includes: opening files, opening web pages, creating new excel files or sending emails, but we will focus on jumping/navigating to locations within an existing workbook.

In the example below we create a hyperlink to the East and West worksheets so that navigating to those worksheets can be simplified. To download the spreadsheet to practice, click here.



Applies To: MS Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010

1. To create a link to the West Coast worksheet

a. Right click on cell B5 and select Hyperlink
b. The screen shot below will be displayed
c.   Select as above then click on  West Coast





2.  To create a link to the East Coast worksheet

a.  Right click on cell B6 and select Hyperlink
b.  Select as in step 1(b) above, then click on East Coast

3.  By clicking on cells B5 & B6,one will be taken to the West Coast and East Coast worksheets respectively.


To delete a hyperlink select as below

  • Right click on the cell with the hyperlink e.g. B5
  • Select Remove Hyperlink

To edit a hyperlink select as below

  • Right click on the cell with the hyperlink e.g. B5
  • Select Edit Hyperlink
  • Select the new location for the hyperlink
  • Select OK