Top 5 Blog Posts in 2012

What were you most interested in reading about in 2012 (besides the Excel and Sage Intelligence Tips & Tricks)? The list below shows the top 5 most read BI Blog posts and excerpts from these. You can also follow the influential authors on Twitter!

1. Business Intelligence for SMB’s Part 3: 5 benefits of Business Intelligence for SMBs by Loren Taljard, Marketing Director

BI reports

“Business Intelligence (BI) has become quite the ‘buzzword’ in the software industry in the last few years, yet many small business owners still view it as the realm of big business only. As we move towards 2020 and information overload becomes commonplace, however, SMBs are now starting to realize that BI can benefit them too.”

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2. Getting From Aaarrgh to Aaahh: Building a Business Intelligence Report from Scratch for Beginners Part II of III by Dave and Darlene Smith of Phase One Computing

“We are going to build a report using Peachtree (becoming Sage 50) as our data source, but the steps below could be used to create a similar report from any Sage accounting source.”

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3. Sage Intelligence at Sage Summit: 6 reasons to look up Sage Intelligence at Sage Summit 2012 by Loren Taljard, Marketing Director

“There will be a host of Sage Intelligence learning opportunities at Sage Summit, including lectures, hands-on sessions and round table discussions. Here are just 6 of the things that you can look forward to learning more about.”

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4. Sage Intelligence at Sage Summit: Why Excel is such a key component of BI for SMEs by Ruth Gray, Product Specialist

“What is Excel and what is it used for? Probably the most prolific business tool in the world, Excel is used to create and format workbooks that house data in a format that can be analyzed and used to make business decisions.”

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5. Looking Ahead to Sage ERP X3 Version 7 in 2013 by Michael Brennan, Product Manager

“The Sage ERP X3 core product team in France has embarked on a strategic partnership with our team with the intention of providing a modern Excel-based financial reporting designer and tools.”

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