Business Intelligence for SMB’s: A Blog Series

Alchemex Director of Marketing, Loren Taljard wrote “In today’s competitive market place, those that pay attention to the details in their business will be the ones that survive during hard times, and excel during great times.Business Intelligence is the tool that will give small companies a competitive advantage during the next decade and there a many compelling reasons why small businesses should make it a priority to invest in an integrated Excel-based BI solution sooner rather than later.” This was in a blog post titled Why Small Businesses should invest in an integrated Excel-based Business Intelligence solution.

This blog series takes the next step by discussing topics that will guide SMB’s in deciding when to implement Business Intelligence, what Business Intelligence will help them achieve, challenges to anticipate, forecasting the future of Business Intelligence among other concerns.

  • Business Intelligence in the future
  • Challenges to anticipate in using Business Intelligence
  • What can Business Intelligence help SMB’s achieve?
  • What is Business Intelligence & how does it work?
  • When should a SMB start using Business Intelligence?
  • What happens when my business grows?
  • How much should a SMB invest in Business Intelligence?
  • The best Business Intelligence solutions for SMB’s

Keep posted to the BI Blog in the next eight weeks as this series unfolds.