Publishing an Excel workbook to an intranet or internet

Question:  We have adopted a policy in our company where the financial director is expected to publish quarterly financial results to the server/Intranet. This can then be read by all the concerned parties. However we only want to send a static copy of the statement/s.  Is there an option in excel that we can use to achieve our desired result? Answer:  Yes, using the Save as from the office icon/File menu

Why: To save all or part of a workbook to a static web page which can then be auto republished once changes are made to the source workbook.

Applies ToExcel 2010, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP, Excel 2000

  1. Enter data as given in the example below










2.        To save click on the office icon/File menu

3.         Select Save As, and enter income statement as the file name

4.         Under the file extension select web page. Refer to the screen shot below

5.         Select entire workbook and click on the publish button

6.         Select the auto –republish every time this workbook is saved option

7.         Select the open published workbook in browser option

8.         Click the publish button

9.         Due to some security restrictions on some browsers, the option to allow the content to be displayed should be selected.

The financial statement will then be displayed on the website in a static format. Hence no changes can be made to the Data.  Furthermore when the source workbook is saved the data will be republished to the intranet/server.