Is the shift to online a promotional gimmick, or the future of the company?

I was recently asked a number of questions by John Stokdyk who is the Technology Editor of Siftmedia in Bristol regarding our new technology offering in the cloud. Specifically, he enquired as to whether our reporting service at is a gimmick or a real part of our future plans. I thought this was a very relevant question, not just for us but for the industry in general. How big a shift is this move to online for the industry and how will the market respond?

We have completely embraced SaaS technology in our development roadmap and frankly we have only just revealed what we believe is only the very tip of the iceberg of what we see are the future BI opportunities in the mid size BI space. However, one of the big issues in this “new frontier” that we are going to have to overcome is this gimmick perception. How can BI be done so simply in the cloud when traditionally it has been such a complex matter?? It must be a gimmick! We have just embarked on a 3 month targeted online marketing campaign intended to flush out the early adopters and within that time frame we should learn some invaluable feedback that will assist us to polish the offering and hopefully overcome this potential incorrect early market perception. Suffice it to say that we have merged the better part of a decade worth of development of IP in the BI space with nearly 2 years of SaaS development in our new solution.

Let’s be under no illusion that this is some sort of gimmick or trick. We have a proud reputation to uphold and are not in the vapourware business. is not a smoke and mirrors campaign, we have ploughed no small investment into R&D and now marketing of our online reporting service and it’s a genuine attempt to offer small to mid size companies BI at affordable prices.