The story of Sage Alchemex: 30 facts you may not know about us!

Sage Alchemex has just moved offices and is currently running a fun awareness campaign within the Sage Group in South Africa, where our Head Office resides. It occurred to me that many people do not know the story of Sage Alchemex or Sage Intelligence, our Excel-based reporting software. It has been a tremendous success story over that last 12 years or so, but one that had very humble beginnings, in a garage! Yes, three guys reversed the cars out, moved some desks and an air conditioner in, and began developing one of the world’s best reporting tools for SMBs. The rest, as they say, is history, outlined in the timeline below.

started in a garage

Did you know?

  1. Our company started in a garage, just like Apple.
  2. Sage Alchemex was founded in August 2001 by Darryl Smith, Charles Teversham and Gary Boddington in Durban, South Africa.
  3. The guys all played hockey together in their varsity years and beyond, with Gary and Charles representing South Africa in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.
  4. Gary and Charles have something else in common – their birthday.
  5. The name Alchemex came from ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Excel’ – because it takes your raw Excel data and magically transforms it into meaningful information, worth its weight in gold!
  6. We are the creators of Sage Intelligence Reporting software (previously known as ‘Alchemex Smart Reporting’) and Excel on Steroids training.
  7. Sage Intelligence is a flexible Excel-based reporting tool that gives SMME’s better business insight. It helps them to easily control, automate, and analyse their data to make informed decisions quicker. Who doesn’t need a competitive edge?
  8. The first live version of our software was completed in February 2002. The 3 founders celebrated hard!
  9. In 2003 we debuted as sponsors and presented at Sage Pastel’s World Conference.
  10. In 2004 we launched Excel on Steroids to equip our software users with advanced Excel skills to take full advantage of it.
  11. Excel on Steroids is a specialized Excel course giving you the skills you need to create awesome reports that make your life easier.
  12. We also developed the Excel IQ quiz to help all types of Excel users quickly assess how their Excel skills measure up.
  13. Our first software integration was with Sage Pastel in 2005, where our software was integrated into the Pastel Accounting product and called the Pastel Business Intelligence Centre (BIC). We love you Steven Cohen!
  14. Today, our software integrates with 11 Sage ERP and accounting products in Africa, the U.S, Asia, Australia and Canada: Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution, Sage VIP Payroll & HR, Sage Pastel Payroll & HR, Sage PFW ERP, Sage 50 U.S. Edition, Sage 50 Canadian Edition, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP and Sage ERP X3.
  15. In 2007 we hit it major with a 5 year license agreement with Sage South Africa (then called Softline).
  16. Then, in 2009 we launched our first global integration which was with Sage 300 ERP (previously known as Accpac) in North America. More celebrations!
  17. In 2011 Sage South Africa acquired us and brought us into the Sage global family. Biggest celebrations yet!
  18. That’s when our company name changed to Sage Alchemex and our software name changed from Alchemex Smart Reporting to Sage Intelligence Reporting.
  19. Worldwide, there are over 30 000 people who use our software and they renew 90% of the time! Groovy!
  20. Users of our software experience up to a 25% efficiency improvement, allowing them to save both time and money. That’s especially cool because we exist to improve the lives of our customers and employees.
  21. Thousands of bookkeepers, accountants, sales managers, Financial Managers and Directors etc. have completed our Excel on Steroids workshops, both in the classroom and online, and they love them!
  22. Our ‘x-factor’ team is made up of 52 ‘Alchemexicans’ in South Africa with a number of Product Specialists in the United States of America.
  23. Many members of our team have nicknames (and some have more than one!), making it difficult for a newcomer to figure out exactly who’s who in the zoo! Try these on for size: Archie, Bomv, Woodridge, Darango, Daddy Cool, Knoxie, Bear, Shaggy, Prof, Johnny Boy, Hose, Blondewyn, Cruise, VV, Vaulter…
  24. On 2 December 2013 we will be moving into our new home within the Sage South Africa offices in Mount Edgecombe, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. Closer to the beach.
  25. We video interviewed our MD, Charles Teversham, and this is what he had to say.
  26. The Sage Alchemex YouTube Channel is one of the most viewed in the Sage Group!
  27. We have over 5300 members from around the world engaging on our Sage Intelligence Community to participate in forums, get learning material and download free report templates.
  28. In FY13 we ran over 120 webcasts, connecting with over 6500 people all over the globe. Our webcast program continues to be highly successful.
  29. We have over 1300 Twitter followers. Are you one of them? If not, please feel free to follow us here: @SageAlchemex
  30. Over 20,000 people have downloaded our FREE e-books and handy Excel guides. You can too! Check out our 50 Excel Tips & Tricks ebook!