Part 3 of 3: Create and customize reports easily with the Financial Report Designer

You’ve reached the final part of this Sage Intelligence 3-part series. Let’s recap what we have been through so far. In Part 1, you learned how to get started with Sage Intelligence Reporting so that you can have accurate and timely financial statements available to understand and run your business effectively. Then, in Part 2, […]

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Learn how to deal with different fiscal years in Sage Intelligence Reporting

By using the consolidated Financial Report Designer in Sage Intelligence Reporting, you can compare the financial information from different companies all in the same workbook. There may be times when the companies you are looking at have different fiscal years, for example, one may run from January to December and the other from April to […]

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Design modern layouts that also work in older versions of Sage Intelligence

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create layouts using the latest features of the Financial Report Designer, including the Layout Generator and Task Pane that also work in older versions of Sage Intelligence? The great news is that you can design modern layouts and still have it work in older versions. Perhaps you’re a business […]

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