Sage Intelligence makes it easy for customers to access a range of free reports

pulling together management and financial reportsSage Intelligence customers now have easy, on-going access to a constantly updated library of automated, Microsoft® Excel® based financial and business reports, thanks to the latest release by Sage Intelligence – the Report Utility.

“No longer do our customers have to wait for the latest Sage Intelligence software release to get their hands on new, additional reports that will add value to their businesses,” states Ruth Gray, Product Owner at Sage Intelligence. Free, additional reports are now easily available to help customers better analyse specific data that is relevant to their business, thereby allowing them to make faster, more informed decisions. “The Report Utility is a new tool that will enable customers to automatically download and import these reports, saving them a lot of time,” says Gray.

While additional free reports have been available for Sage Intelligence customers on the Sage Intelligence Community for some time now, the Sage Intelligence team identified the need to make them more easily accessible and usable. Once installed, the Report Utility will automatically detect which Sage accounting or business management solution is running, and show all the available free reports for that product. The customer can then select the required reports to be automatically imported into the Sage Intelligence Report Manager for immediate use. “The Report Utility will only allow the customer to see the reports targeted for them – thereby eliminating the need to manually search for reports – and will deliver them straight into their Sage Intelligence reporting tool,” adds Darryl Smith, Technical Director and Lead Architect of the Report Utility.

The additional reports are created to provide added value to customers, beyond the standard financial and operational reports that are available with the Sage Intelligence reporting tool. As Gray explains, “The additional reports are created based on ideas and feedback that we receive from our customers. Most customers would be able to use the additional reports as a basis for customizing their very own reports, specific to their business needs. Of course, a bonus is that all Sage Intelligence reports are Excel-based, which means that Sage Intelligence gets their data into the report, and then they can just use the familiar face of Excel to customize it.” The additional reports to be created are prioritised based on the number of requests received per idea/suggestion, ensuring that customers get what they need, when they need it.

So, what does the future hold for the Report Utility? “This is only the first version of the Report Utility, and we will continue to bolster the tool with more intuitive and engaging features going forward,” says Gray. Smith adds that the real value is in the additional reports that the Report Utility will make readily available to customers. “In terms of future plans, it will be all about developing and delivering new reports for Sage customers that they will access very easily via the Report Utility,” he says.

Are you a Sage Intelligence customer looking for additional reports to suit your company’s needs? Download and install the Report Utility in four easy steps, and get access to the additional reports you need at the click of a button.

Have an idea or suggestion for a new type of Sage Intelligence report you’d like to access via the Report Utility? You can submit it on the Report Utility webpage.

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