Identify and rectify your business problems with the new reporting features in Sage Pastel and Sage Evolution

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of travelling around South Africa, presenting at Sage Evolution and Sage Pastel Accounting events to showcase the new features we have included in the Sage Intelligence Reporting (previously Business Intelligence Centre (BIC)) module in both of these products. What I love about these events is meeting many of you, our valued Business Partners and Customers, who know and love Intelligence Reporting and hearing stories of how it is already making a difference in your businesses and lives. It is such a driver for all of us to know this and motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries and adding value to our product.

A definite added benefit of attending these events is being able to catch up, chat and enjoy a few laughs with you after the events.

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At each event I presented on how Intelligence Reporting is allowing businesses to transform data into information. Data on its own is useless and most often difficult to understand, Intelligence Reporting allows you to view your data in ways that make sense to you and allows you to find issues in your business and take actions to rectify them. New features which make this even easier than before are now available in Sage Evolution Version 7 and Sage Pastel Accounting Version 14. The main focus of these versions is around the themes of better performance and simplicity, primarily in financial reporting.

Without a doubt the feature which receives the biggest applause and interest is our new Financial Report Designer which our Product Marketing Manager, Bronwyn Dorrofield, detailed in her latest blog post. Many businesses have already built their management reporting processes using the old Management Packs which have been a strength of Intelligence Reporting for years. That said just about everyone who sees the improved speed, flexibility and ease of use of the Report Designer is sold on it! It’s great to know that a lot of you have already started using this amazing new feature along with other powerful features, like Report Distribution, to seamlessly deliver customized reports that really make a difference to your business.


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To learn more about the Report Designer, click on the following links:

Report Designer for Sage Evolution

Report Designer for Sage Pastel Accounting

If you use Sage Pastel Accounting, you get Intelligence Reporting as a benefit of your Sage Pastel Partner Advantage package – so you can enjoy the Report Designer and all the other new features at no additional cost to your monthly Partner Advantage fee!

I look forward to catching up with all of you at next year’s Sage Pastel Accounting and Sage Evolution events and hearing how Intelligence Reporting has added even more value to your businesses!