Solve your business information problems using the tools you know



Get the insight you need using tools you know
Get the insight you need to make insightful business decision, using the tools you already know.

A 2013 Aberdeen Group report found that small and midsized businesses, like yours, faced the same problems when dealing with business information every day which drove them to exploring BI solutions. It found that:

  • 42% made business decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • 34% experienced a lack of operational visibility and inefficiency.
  • 32% said their data was too fragmented or siloed to develop a clear picture of their business.

Based on this report, we created a guide to help you solve real problems you encounter every day dealing with business information, namely:

  1. Report preparation taking too long and done manually
  2. Difficulty in accessing your own business’s information
  3. Not being able to customize reports because the standard reports you get are inflexible
  4. Working with a tight
    budget and without IT support for new software
  5. Lack of skills to use BI software within your company, and lack of budget to get trained on using the software

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