RAM Enterprise, Inc. breaks through financial reporting bottlenecks

RAM Enterprise_financial reporting

RAM Enterprise, Inc. provides industrial  maintenance and construction services to the mining, aggregate, chemical processing, and power generation industries. The accounting department at RAM Enterprise, Inc. was experiencing financial reporting bottlenecks because of a lack of time and flexibility to produce the specific reports management needed to make sound business decisions. Frustration levels were high; they needed a fully automated solution that allowed them to cut down the time needed to produce and distribute reports, and allow for flexibility in formatting reports to suit management’s needs.

Using Sage Intelligence Reporting for Sage 100 ERP, they have since been able to cut down the time spent on financial reporting by one-third of the time it took them previously, and every report is now fully customized. The accounting department has been positively impacted with Ian C. Weight, Chief Financial Officer, expressing that “we have been extremely happy”.

Find out how Sage Intelligence Reporting helped Ian Weight and his accounting team at RAM Enterprise, Inc. break through their financial reporting bottlenecks. Read their success story.