Two Ways You Can Use Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting for Sage ERP X3 Beyond Financials

In my last blog post I spoke about the new, game-changing features and functions in the latest release of our reporting solution for Sage ERP X3 which include our In-Memory technology, the two methods for creating your financial reports depending on your Excel skills and company requirements, reporting on multiple fiscal years etc. What I would like to share with you here is that Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting for Sage ERP X3 also goes beyond financials by enabling operational reporting, dashboards and reporting off non Sage databases (such as Sage CRM) and even unrelated data sources. This means that you can benefit from a single tool and a single investment for all your Microsoft® Excel®  based reporting needs. Here is a brief overview of two ways in which you could use Sage Intelligence to report off non-financial data.

Leveraging Power Map in Microsoft Excel 2013

Power Map, is a new 3D data visualization add-in in Microsoft Excel 2013 used for mapping, exploring, and interacting with geographical data. By taking advantage of this feature within a Sage Intelligence report you can get insight into your business that is not possible with a standard report or chart. For example, the graphic below shows how, by using Power Map in your Sage Intelligence report, you can see product sales by category over a chosen time period across different regions – an easy way to see how different regions are performing against each other. This is not complicated; it’s just a simple Sage Intelligence sales report that extracts real time transactions from Sage ERP X3 and leverages Power Map to graphically display information.

power map
Leveraging Power Map and Sage Intelligence Reporting

Customized Reports

The Sage Intelligence Connector is your gateway to all data, giving you the ability to access and consolidate information from multiple sources. It allows for multi company consolidations, customized reports and dashboards utilising data from any part of your Sage ERP system, or other Sage databases (such as CRM), and connectivity to unlimited ODBC databases. By leveraging the Connector, along with powerful features in Microsoft Excel, like Slicers, you can create a dynamic sales dashboard which will allow you to interact with your data via one click filtering, resulting in a powerful graphical view of  sales data in the familiar format of Excel.

A customized Sage Intelligence Sales Dashboard

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