Introducing the Free Report Templates Group


Sage Intelligence is a BI tool integrated into many Sage ERP systems around the world and is shipped with some key pre-defined reports which have SMMEs needs in mind. Sage Intelligence lets you effortlessly create reports and analyse data, improving visibility into your organization and helping you make informed business decisions.

At Sage Alchemex we have always carefully listened to our customer’s feedback and requests with regard to Financial Reporting and have therefore made great strides in integrating powerful and flexible reporting solutions based on the latest cutting-edge BI technology into our offering. We have however realised that despite Business Intelligence’s ability to powerfully create customised reports, many users still see value in having “out of the box” templates available to solve their specific business needs.

The Free Report Templates Group was created to allow Sage Intelligence Customers, Partners and Report Developers to create and share reports with other Sage Intelligence Users on the Sage Alchemex BI Community.

Users get the benefit of sharing reports they have created and that have provided value to their company. These reports can be download by other community members and used as is or further customised to solve their more unique reporting requirements.

In addition, the Sage Intelligence Team will also upload new reports to the community to continue to enhance and add value to the reporting experience of our customers. Improvements to existing reports in all of the Sage ERP products will also be made available for members to download.

If you haven’t already signed up to the Free Report Templates Group on the B.I. Community and seen what reports are waiting there for you click here.

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Once you are a member of the Free report Templates group you will be able to download reports that deliver value to you and your company by simply clicking on the link provided.

Please ensure that you validate that your ERP and Excel installs match the reports specification included on the Report Description page.

Free Report Template

Once downloaded you can then import the reports into your Sage Intelligence tool. Follow the link to watch a video on how to import reports into the Report Manager