Can BI attain “Rockstar” status in SMB’s


If the software industry were like music industry then all the social media platforms would currently be top of the pops and would be the groups that would feel entitled to travel the world raking in cash from adoring fans and trashing hotel rooms – as you do when you are a rockstar it seems!   What chances then that BI is the group that has spent many years travelling the pub and clubs circuits without making the big breakthrough into mainstream – but now teeters on the verge of rockstar status on a world stage.

The growing interest in BI for SMB’s has been a long time coming. Over the past decade, there has been a staggering proliferation of information. As organizations have increasingly automated their transactional systems and business processes, massive and exponentially growing amounts of information have become available on desktops, on laptops, on phones, and in vast server farms scattered around the globe. The meteoric pace of growth is unlikely to slow in the next decade. On the contrary, SMB organizations realize that BI can help them transform this raw business information into an asset that can drive innovation and create efficiencies and competitive advantage. Indeed, today’s top SMB goals are all best achieved with the help of better information visibility to support better decisions.

Even the Beatles did not just jump out to super stardom, for months they toured Liverpool and the surrounding towns (no Bieber-esque Twitter and YouTube social media opportunities for the fab 4 in those days) trying to build a fan base before rising from obscurity to eventually become the rockstar phenomenon they were. BI has done its tour of duty and has built its fan base, look out for a new arrival amongst the software rockstars.