Do I really need to increase the use of information?


How many times have you heard, ‘I have limited access to data so I had to make assumptions about what I thought happened and therefore made what I thought were reasonable conclusions, but there are potentially other explanations as well.’ – or something along those lines in a vain attempt to explain away a poor business decision. One thing that won’t change in 2010 is that making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level of an organisation. So let’s acknowledge that we can get access to our information, easily and affordably, and let’s start to adopt Business Intelligence as a way to make better decisions, by more people, faster. Let’s make this new decade the one where Business Intelligence loses its stigma of clunky, unfriendly , complicated and make it a period of embracing technology that empowers us to properly understanding the transactional history in our organisations so we can more professionally forecast and plan for the coming years based on a very clear picture of the financial footprint that we leave behind. Here’s a new mantra to glue to your keyboard – “I WILL USE BI MORE EFFECTIVELY TO MANAGE MY BUSINESS”