Sage50 users need Business Intelligence

We are now well on our way in pursuit of that holy grail of SaaS offerings – subscribers! Our intention is to target a select group of people with the same BI frustrations and which businesses will benefit from our service. Enter the Sage50 users who have desperately been seeking a BI solution but just haven’t heard of or seen our solution yet.

No one said it would be cheap or easy to get to these thousands of sales prospects, but just what do we do to make it compelling for a subscriber to purchase our service? Trying to place oneself in the shoes of the prospect normally provides good insight as to how the service should be packaged to make a compelling offer but that isn’t necessarily so when the product, service and whole industry is still in its life cycle infancy. In the absence of any formula to follow, business models to emulate or specialist to consult, we must do exactly what is expected of an innovative, entrepreneurial company – launch the service, see what happens and then refine, refine, refine!!!

Our mission is to get Sage50 users to subscribe. Our communication channel is through accountingweb and similar services to create the necessary PR coupled with a direct strategy to attract business partner working in the Sage50 channel. Subscribers’ equal annuity which in turn equals sustainability of the service, but it’s going to be interesting to see if our strategy to attract subscribers is on target.