What is cloud computing really?

Does anyone really know what “cloud computing” is apart from a lot of hype? Its time vendors actually started stating the reason for the creation of their solution and what functions resolve which real user problems. Saying cloud computing is the answer to the new world is a bit like someone in the 1950’s saying I have invented a TV. So what, what does the TV do, how many people knew back then that it would revolutionise the worlds movie industry and become a household standard. But actually, the TV is just the delivery mechanism and the real value comes from the entertainment that is derived through the pictures that are transmitted worldwide. So in my view the TV was to our social communities what cloud computing is to our business communities today.

Those that have and do generate their revenues from the TV industry can be likened to the new vendors that wish to generate revenues from cloud computing. In the same way that ratings drive dollars into the coffers of the top studios, so ratings will drive dollars into the hands of those vendors that create the relevant content for the new world of cloud computing. Create rubbish and people won’t stick around, create great quality and not only will your clients stick around but could also create the equivalent of the viral marketing holy grail of word of mouth around your product.

It’s also about mass appeal. Lets face it, the shenanigans of the Ewing family in “Dallas” was a load of rubbish (for those that are old enough to have watched it) but engrossed the world to such an extent that it made the studio billions of dollars and the stars of the show world famous. So clearly not everyone agrees with my amateur TV critics view that it would be have been more interesting to watch a fridge defrost. But that’s that great thing of this massive cloud computing democracy we have created, to me the lesson is to get the product right for the mass market, because that’s where the reveneus will be found, and if you get it wrong people will vote with their mice and find someone else in the cloud. The Long Tail springs to mind.