Corporate Social Investment (CSI) at Alchemex

There are many associations to CSI even the extreme being Criminal Scene Investigation. What I am however referring to is the CSI which gives back to ones community and or those in need.

The “giving” aspect which makes up a majority of CSI can be interpreted in two different ways:

  1. Giving of commodities i.e. Food, resources etc to aid those in need.
  2. Giving a skill set to enable sustainability and growth.

Having had experience in both types of “giving” I am in favour of the latter but by no means against the forma, as it too has a very real need.

To me being able to equip or provide people in need with a skill which no one can retrieve is one of the best things one can do for any individual, family or community.

Taking this into consideration, this has been my sole drive and passion for wanting to start up a Corporate Social Investment team. Alchemex by nature are a very warm and generous company who are always very willing to assist their fellow team mates, living up to one of our core  values of Respecting and Supporting each other.  My aim is to therefore take this culture, the skill set, dedication and passion and infiltrate our surrounding areas to make a difference.

Prior to us formalising our CSI team, true to Alchemex’s culture, people have voluntarily assisted to co-ordinate and participate in some really beneficial initiatives this past year. Here are a few:

  • Top 7 scholars trained on our Excel on Steriods course

Seven matric students from Parkhill High School were selected to attend our Excel on Steroids training in December 2011. In addition 4 desktops were donated to Parkhill High School.

Gratuity from Parkhill High School Principal Mrs AD Bishop:  “Our students are largely the product of underprivileged homes where access to expensive computer courses is out of their reach. It is very heart-warming that they be given such a wonderful opportunity for self-advancement.”




  • Box a Need

In November 2011, the Alchemex family all sourced a shoe box, covered it in Christmas cheer and filled it up with all sorts of wonderful goodies for children. These boxes were then dropped at a local church in the impoverished community of Welbedacht in Chatsworth for the underprivileged children who reside there.


  • East Coast Radio Toy drive

Alchemex together with many other companies in Kwa-Zulu Natal participated in the East Coast radio toy drive whereby everyone buys a toy be it for a girl or boy. These toys were dropped off at the East Coast radio offices who then distributed the toys to those children in need.

  • CANSA Shavathon
Together with Softline Pastel, Alchemex contributed to the annual CANSA Shavathon by setting up and running a Shavathon station for all in Derby Downs Office park, Westville, Durban, South Africa, where a sum total of R4575.00 was raised and an additional sum of R5000.00 was donated by Alchemex.

Not only were the donations going to a super cause but great fun was had by all involved.

What to except from now onwards….

We are in the process of formulating a CSI team which will be divided into the following divisions who work towards a common goal

“Aiding those in need by utilizing the existing pool of skills and resources available to us in order to promote growth, learnings and ultimately sustainability.

  • Training
    • Scholars
    • Technikon Students
    • Business men and women
    • Marketing
    • Ad-hoc Initiatives

Watch this space for an introduction to the team and all the exciting initiatives we have lined up….