Retaining Culture at Alchemex with Funsunzi

The impact of a diversified, fun and dynamic work environment should never be misjudged.  People are just so much more motivated and productive when they are having fun; when they are smiling and when they are free…

March 2011 marked the launch of East Coast Radio’s Funsunzi Campaign. Made up from the words fun, sun and sea; Funsunzi celebrates things unique to Durban, on the East Coast.

Durban has a wonderful mix of multi-cultural people who each are passionate about their city, their province and their East Coast way of life. Funsunzi captures that spirit and unites us all.

Just like Durban, The Alchemex Family share similar characteristics and is probably the reason why we were chosen as Durban’s first winner for the Funsunzi Lifestyle Competition. With over 1400 entries received in September; Alchemex stood out among the rest and our entry won in the category for most spirited and fun business environment.

The prize included a presence on Durban’s No1 Radio Station; East Coast Radio and included an Office Extravaganza to remember.

Listen to the radio clip in which Alchemex was featured below:

From scrumptious snacks to crunchy chips and the distinct sound of beer cans cracking open; the interaction between our employees was incredible. Ties were undone along with top buttons of shirts, tight shoes were kicked off and people were singing in harmony as we all danced & partied to the tunes of Ravi R; East Coast Radio DJ. At the event, Alchemex, once again proved to be the spirited, united and jovial family they are.

Everyone joined in, everyone had fun; everyone moved to the beats and brought the roof down.

There was laughter and screaming, rapping and singing; all booty’s shaking while the building was quaking.

Definitely not to be forgotten, this was one of the many fun-filled, exciting and memorable events at Alchemex.

We will strive and continue to maintain our fun and exhilarating work environment.

Join our BI Community today, to view pictures of the Party, network with other people and most importantly; always remember to have some fun!

Benefits of Having Fun at Work

  • Courage & Creativity get stimulated
  • It relieves stress
  • It eliminates fear
  • It helps in creating a productive, healthy work environment
  • It connects the human spirit with the workplace
  • It clears people’s minds
  • It helps create an environment where people can just be the best that they are.
  • It makes people more productive
  • It is a great way for leaders and managers to engage with employees