Sage Intelligence Report Designer for Small Market Businesses

Crunch your financial numbers quickly with the new Report Designer in Sage Intelligence

We know that creating the perfect financial report can take hours, if not days, to complete, especially if it needs to be customized to make sense for your particular business. This is why we have introduced the Report Designer, a new feature in Sage Intelligence that makes creating and customizing financial reports a breeze!

The Report Designer provides you with:


A standard set of financial layouts (i.e. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance) will get you up and running immediately. Easily edit the standard layouts or design your own to suit your unique requirements.


Simply drag and drop the building blocks of your financial layouts within the familiar interface of Microsoft Excel.


Set up your financial reports to give you the exact insight you need to make informed business decisions.

The Report Designer is currently available for Sage 50 U.S. Intelligence Reporting (from version 2015) and Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting (from version 14).

Creating and Designing your financial reports

The Report Designer offers you two methods of creating and designing your financial reports depending on your Excel knowledge.

Layout Generator

The Layout Generator* provides a wizard-type environment for building customized financial reports. The interface is easy to use and automates the design and generation of simple financial report layouts quickly and accurately within Excel.

If you’re still getting used to Excel, the Layout Generator provides you with a set of standard financial layouts to get you up and running immediately and these can then be easily edited to suit your unique reporting requirements. In fact, they are easy to customize using the Task Pane once your layout is created.

Another fantastic feature of the Layout Generator is Row Sets. Row Sets allow you to define your account groupings that will be displayed as a single row in a report layouts. You can use Row Sets to summarize accounts from source accounts into groups. (I.e. Revenue includes all accounts that fall into the range 5000 TO 5999). Row sets can be created at GL Category Code or GL Account Level and once set up and be used across multiple reports saving you valuable hours.

*Formerly the Excel Genie for Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting

Task Pane

If you’re more familiar with Excel, the Task Pane provides you with a 100% Excel reporting experience, but greatly enhances it by providing instant and dynamic access to data within your General Ledger. Starting with a blank canvas you simply drag in data lists, formulas, or Reporting Trees from the Task Pane in your Excel window and the In-Memory* technology will update results instantaneously.


You can also change the level of detail seen at a row level by using account ranges, account wildcards and account exclusions giving you maximum control and flexibility over your financial report layouts. You are now able to generate layouts from the Task Pane by simply dragging the layout into a blank sheet in Excel.

* An In-memory engine is a database management system that stores data entirely in your computer’s RAM. Because working with data In-memory is much faster, Intelligence Reporting is able to report on large data volumes, meaning that financial reports can be run out relatively quickly.

How do you get the Report Designer?

The Report Designer is included in your standard Sage Intelligence reports, run from the Report Manager.

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