Improve your reporting writing skills.

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel and Sage Intelligence efficiently, online, instructor-led at your own office or in a traditional classroom setting.


Expand your reporting knowledge with Sage Intelligence and Excel on Steroids courses.

Our approach to learning and development will equip you to take full advantage of the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities of Microsoft Excel and Sage Intelligence. Our courses are specialised, and cover basic, intermediate and advanced topics.

Sage Intelligence

Sage Intelligence helps you transform disparate data into meaningful insights which allow you to make smarter, more confident business decisions and take timely steps of action to sustain and grow your business.

Our Sage Intelligence courses empower you with the knowledge to quickly and easily obtain the information you need for improved reporting across your entire business. The course is available at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Excel on Steroids

Microsoft® Excel® is the most widely used business application in the world, and it is highly suitable for business reporting as it allows for flexible and dynamic reporting.

But did you know that most of us tend to only use about 5% of its features and functions for business reporting? We want to help you get the most out of the functionality in Excel that is key to writing insightful business reports, which is why we offer Excel on Steroids.

Who should attend the course?

The course is intended for anyone that uses Intelligence Reporting within their Sage ERP and Accounting packages. Sage Intelligence is designed with the needs of small and mid-sized companies in mind, and particularly for Financial Managers, Directors and Accountants, however, it can also be used beyond financial reporting.

Who should attend the course?

Directors, Managers, and anyone else who uses Excel extensively for report writing. After attending the course you will return with an advanced understanding of relevant Excel functionality and practical know-how that that will result in significant time-savings each month.