Sage 300cloud Intelligence

Why Sage 300cloud Intelligence?

What is Sage 300cloud Intelligence?

Sage Intelligence is the embedded reporting solution for your Sage 300cloud web interface, allowing you to quickly and easily run and customise your online reports, so that you can make more informed business decisions.

With Sage Intelligence you are able to run financial reports at the click of a button, and enjoy a quick and responsive experience when designing reports by easily selecting the building blocks of your financial layouts.

Why do I need Sage Intelligence?

Every business is unique and because of this so are their financial reporting requirement. Sage Intelligence gives you some ready-to-use financial reports to start with that you can then easily customise yourself, alternatively you can create a new report from scratch to suit your unique business needs.

I am already using Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting, what is the difference between Sage Intelligence and Sage Intelligence Reporting (on-premise) solution?

We’ve given you the choice of which platform you would like to report off. Sage 300cloud Intelligence is a reporting tool within the Sage 300cloud web screen allowing you to report directly from this interface and is currently only available for financial reporting. Our on-premise Sage Intelligence Reporting solution integrates with your Sage 300 solution providing you with financial and operational reporting.

With this being our first iteration of our cloud reporting solution it does not have all of the functionality that the on premise solution currently provides you, but it has a very exciting road map and is very intuitive making the customisation of your reports easy.

We would love to get your feedback so you can assist us in build the best cloud reporting solution ever.

Can I use my current Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting reports on Sage Intelligence?

Currently the Sage Intelligence Reporting and Sage Intelligence solutions do not talk to each other so you will not be able to access your Sage Intelligence Reporting reports from Sage Intelligence.

Commonly asked questions about Sage Intelligence

Is my data being stored outside my Sage 300cloud account when I sign into Sage Intelligence?

When you sign into Sage Intelligence your information is held in a temporary in-memory database, data is transferred via https encryption ensuring full security. It is however important to note that your data never leaves your server.

Do I need internet access to use Sage Intelligence?

You do not require internet access to make use of Sage Intelligence however you will require internet access to make use of the “Learn more” options and help files.

Can we manage multi-currency sourcing report?

You are able to run multi-currency specifying the currency you would like the report to run in but you currently can’t do side-by-side multi-currency reporting.

Can we manage multi-company reports?

Sage 300cloud web screen only allows you to sign in to one company at a time, hence Sage Intelligence will only be able to report off the company that you are currently signed into.

Do I have structure codes with Sage Intelligence?

No, the account selection have been simplified and roll-ups are no longer automatically created. (For example if account 4000 is select only the balances for transactions done on account 4000 will be returned.)

Can we refresh the reports from excel?

Currently you can’t but this will be available when the Excel Report Designer is launched in a future release.

Can we send reports directly from SI to other users?

Currently you will need to export your report to Excel and share it via Excel. We are working on the share functionality of our cloud solution.

Can we translate a report in another language?

Our software is currently available in French and English, but custom reports are only available in the language they have been created in. Ready to use reports are available in English and French

Can we have more than the (current+previous) two fiscal years?

Yes, the Data load by default selects the current and prior year, but you have the ability to load information for a number of years and/or companies you would like to report off.

What version of Microsoft Excel do I need?

Sage Intelligence is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013+.

Is the report showing real time data?

The data is only real-time at the time you sign in to Sage Intelligence and data is loaded into the in-memory database.

Where can I learn to design a report?

When you login to Sage Intelligence there is a “show me how” button that will familiarise you with designing a report, as well as a “Learn more” button which provides you with step by step guides relevant to the screen you are working on.