Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

Reports you get with Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

With Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting you get a number of ready-to-use reports that give you immediate insight into and across your business. Delivered in the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, the reports are fully customizable, and flexible with drill-down capabilities. You can access them at any time or have them delivered, real-time, from Intelligence Reporting software to Excel, in the format of your choice. It’s as simple as that!

Additional reports available on an ongoing basis
On top of the standard reports that you receive with Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting, there is a constantly updated library of additional reports available on our website for you to make use of. These reports are created according to customer feedback, for you to access on an ongoing basis. To make these reports easily consumable, we have also created a Report Utility that allows you to select the additional reports suitable to you and automatically imports them into a New Reports folder in your Report Manager module. All you need to do is download the Report Utility and follow the easy steps to select the reports you would like. These provide a great basis for you to build useful reports for your business, with minimal customisation required.

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Financial Reports
  • You will be able to find and or track trends within financials at a glance across two years worth of financial data
  • The drill-down facility within the reports allows for immediate and intuitive analysis of trends by drilling down to the source transactions for balances.
  • It will give you flexible analysis of GL at a transactional level using the graphical drag-and-drop functionality.
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Financial Report Designer
  • The Report Designer report enables users to create financial layouts based on their Sage Evolution data using net changes and balance (YTD) per General Ledger Account number per financial period for the financial years selected as parameters when running the report. 
  • The revamped report designer includes a Task Pane and enhanced Layout Generator, both utilizing a powerful in-memory engine, empowering users to take control of all design aspects of their reporting layouts. Income Statement and Balance Sheet layouts may be automatically generated once the user defined rows have been configured

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Dashboard Reports
  • The Dashboard Analysis report template displays summarized Financials and Customer Sales, Product Sales for the current month and YTD. 
  • Showing Top Customers and Items and Bottom Items. It contains both text and graphics to help with daily and long-term planning. 
  • In addition, comparative Profit and Loss figures are displayed for both the current month and year-to-date figures. 
  • This report allows you to easily drill-down to get further insights into the summarized data.
  • The Dashboard Analysis AR report template pulls information from the Accounts Receivable module, giving you a one-page summary of key performance indicators
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Inventory Reports
  • The Inventory Master report allows you to easily filter this report to view the data according to the your preference, for example, Warehouse, product line, item.
  • You have the flexibility to group and compare data to enable analysis that is appropriate for your requirements.

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Metrics and KPIs
  • Your data will be available in real-time and these reports can be run in a graphical view to highlight trends and make comparative analysis easier on the eye.
  • Reports can be generated at the click of a button–no manual intervention to gather the data from various sources.
  • These reports allow you to analyze the details that make up the graphs via Microsoft Excel PivotTables for further insights into the data.

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Purchase Analysis
  • Displays Quantity purchased, Purchase Amount grouped by Vendor per Product/Item ID for a selected date range. 
  • Lists relevant purchase cost information by supplier and item number for any given date range and can be filtered by Item ID, Line Description, Vendor ID, Vendor Name and Transaction Type.
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Sales Analysis
  • Displays pertinent sales information including average selling unit, freight amount, sales tax, total costs, total sales and gross profits by customer and line description. 
  • Displays Gross Profit $ Amount and Gross Margin % grouped by Customer and Line Description with an option to select a month and year at run-time. 

Get Intelligence Reporting

Sage Intelligence Reporting is available for Sage 300. To purchase Intelligence Reporting, get in touch with our sales team.