Sage Intelligence for Financials

Why Sage Intelligence for Financials?

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What is Sage Intelligence for Financials?

Sage Intelligence for Financials is a financial reporting tool embedded directly into Financials, giving you a deeper dive into your financial reports.

You can quickly view and customise your financial reports, and are empowered to do side-by-side dimensional reports, giving you control of your financial reports.

In what countries is it available?

Financials is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa.

What are the main benefits to Financials customers?

Gain control

  • Customise financial reports to suit your business needs and brand.
  • Easily track your financial performance from multiple perspectives by being able to report on Dimensional Tags and view them side by side, e.g.: Side by side departmental comparison.
  • Report off your actuals and/or budget and be able to view an actual/budget/variance report.

Save Time

  • Ready-to-use financial legislative reports*. (Currently Profit and Loss/Income Statement and Balance Sheet)
  • Create accurate and reusable reports in just a few clicks.
  • Custom layouts can be saved and used for future report runs.

Take action

  • Custom reports give you instant insights that are specific to your business’s financials and which you can base business decisions on
  • What is the difference between the three reporting/Business Intelligence solutions available with Financials?

    More details questions

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    Is my data being stored outside my Financials account when I sign into Sage Intelligence?

    When you open Sage Intelligence from within Financials your information is held in a temporary in-memory database, data is transferred via https encryption ensuring full security.

    Can we run multi-company reports?

    You are able to report off multiple companies but only one at a time (no consolidations, hence no side by side multi-company reports at the moment, we will be adding this functionality in a future release).

    Can we manage multi-currency sourcing report?

    No, currently your report will be run in your base currency.

    Can we drill down on the report?

    Yes, you can drill down to Balance.

    Can we run reports by dimension tag?

    Yes, you can do side-by-side multi-dimensional reports by updating your column properties with your dimension tag details.

    What does the Sage Intelligence multi-dimensional reporting allow you to do?

    Sage Intelligence multi-dimensional reporting allows you to analyse and interpret various segments of your business in a single view.

    Does the Multi-Dimensional reporting update include rows or it’s limited to columns only?

    The October release includes adding multi-dimensions at a column level. The rows will represent the data that is specified at the column level.

    Do Multi-dimensions work on opening and closing balances?

    No, currently the multi-dimensional reports are only configured to work for actuals and actual YTD. Future releases should include opening and closing balances.

    Can I create a multi-dimensional report off multiple companies?

    No, currently you can only create a multi-dimensional report off a single company.

    Why do I need to specify a layer when creating multi-dimensional columns?

    If you don’t specify the layer, it will combine all the values from budgets, adjustments and actuals in the end results.

    Can we send reports directly from Sage Intelligence to other users?

    You can download your reports to Excel and share it via Excel. You can also share report layouts you have created with other Sage Intelligence users.

    Can we translate a report in another language?

    Our software is currently available in English (U.S. and UK Edition) and French Canadian The current ready to use country legislative reports are available in English and French Canadian.

    Can we have more than the (current+previous) 2 fiscal years?

    Yes, the Data load by default selects the current and prior year, but you have the ability to load information for a number of years and/or companies you would like to report off.

    What version of Microsoft Excel do I need?

    Sage Intelligence is compatible with Excel 2013 and above

    Is the report showing real time data?

    The information is only real-time at the time you open Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud.

    Where can I learn to design a report?

    Select “Learn more” to go through one of the in-product tours, that will take you through the relevant steps.

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