Sage Intelligence for Enterprise Management

Why Sage Intelligence for Enterprise Management??

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What is Sage Intelligence for Enterprise Management?

Sage Intelligence for Enterprise Management is the financial reporting solution for Enterprise Management that helps you get better insights into your financial data. With Sage Intelligence, you are able to run financial reports at the click of a button, and enjoy a quick and responsive experience when designing reports by easily selecting the building blocks of your financial layouts.

Why do I need Sage Intelligence?

Every business is unique, and because of this, so are their financial reporting requirements. Sage Intelligence gives you some ready-to-use financial reports to start with that you can then easily customize yourself, alternatively you can create a new report from scratch to suit your unique business needs.

What is the difference between the reports within Enterprise Management and the reports supplied for Sage Intelligence?

Sage Intelligence for Enterprise Management is a reporting tool within Enterprise Management that provides customers with a deeper dive into their financial reports, giving them the flexibility to customize reports and/or create new reports to suit their business needs. Additional comparisons are available.

What is the difference between the Sage Intelligence on premise and cloud solutions?

Commonly asked questions about Sage Intelligence (cloud solution)

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Is my data being stored outside of my Enterprise Management account when I sign into Sage Intelligence?

When you sign into Sage Intelligence your information is held in a temporary in-memory database, data is transferred via https encryption, ensuring full security.

Can we use Sage Intelligence cloud solution with an on-premise Enterprise Management release?

Currently Sage Intelligence cloud solution is only available in Public Cloud environment, but we plan to make it available in public, private and hybrid install bases in a future release.

Can we manage multi-currency sourcing report?

You are able to run multi-currency specifying the currency you would like the report to run in but you currently can’t do side-by-side multi-currency reporting.

Can we manage multiple end-points?

No, but this is something we will be looking at in a future release.

Are the ready-to-use report aligned for GAAP standards?

Sage Intelligence is a management reporting tool, not a formal financial disclosure tool.

Can we drill down to the GL transactions?

You currently cannot, but we will be adding this functionality in PU12.

Can we run reports by dimension type (not as a parameter but as subtotals)?

No, currently dimensions are filtered for the whole report but this is something that we are working on for a future release.

Can we run the reports from mobile (Sage X3 mobile app)?

The reports can run out on a mobile device but are not designed for a mobile device, or available via the Enterprise Management mobile app.

Can we refresh the reports from Excel?

Currently you can’t, but this will be available when the Excel Design Pane is launched in the future.

Can we have commitments?

No, this is something we are investigating for future releases.

Can we use pyramids (accounts, dimensions)?

Not yet.

Are access rights based only on company / site restrictions? What about access codes (on accounts, dimensions)?

Data provided to Sage Intelligence is filtered by the Enterprise Management access code security restrictions, so these same rights will apply in Sage Intelligence.

Can we share reports with a group of users?

You can export your report to Excel and share it via Excel but we are still working on the share functionality of the cloud solution.

Can we send reports directly from Sage Intelligence to other users?

Currently you can’t, you will need to export your report to Excel and share it via Excel. We are working on the share functionality of our cloud solution.

Can we translate a report in another language?

Our software is currently available in French and English, but custom reports are only available in the language they have been created in. Ready to use reports are available in English and French.

Can we access a Sage Intelligence report through an Enterprise Management landing page?

No, you can only access Sage Intelligence reports by selecting and running the relevant report within Sage Intelligence.

Can we have more than the (current + previous) two fiscal years?

Yes, the Data load by default selects the current and prior year, but you have the ability to load information for a number of years and/or companies you would like to report off.

What version of Microsoft Excel do I need?

Sage Intelligence is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013+.

Is the report showing real time data?

The data is only real-time at the time you sign into Sage Intelligence and data is loaded into the in-memory database.

Where can I learn to design a report?

When you login to Sage Intelligence there is a “show me how” button that will familiarise you with designing a report, for more in depth learning you can watch our YouTube videos.

Do I need internet access to use Sage Intelligence?

Yes, Sage Intelligence is a cloud solution so you will require internet access.

How much bandwidth does Sage Intelligence use?

Sage Intelligence uses the bandwidth from the cloud environment server that it is hosted on, and not your bandwidth, to do the data load.

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