What is the Report Utility?

The Report Utility is a tool that you can download from our website, which will enable you to automatically import any of the additional free Sage Intelligence reports.

How does the Report Utility work?

The Report Utility detects which Sage accounting or business management solution you are running and will show all the available free reports for your solution. You can then select the required reports to be automatically imported into a “New Reports” folder in the Sage Intelligence Report Manager for immediate use. Once you have installed the Report Utility, a shortcut will appear on your desktop, allowing you instant access to our regularly updated library of free reports.

Do I need to download the installer every time I want to check for updated reports?

No. You will only need to download the installer once and thereafter you can simply open the Report Utility from your desktop, showing you all the reports available to you.

Can I still download the reports without using the utility?

Yes. These reports are currently still available on the Free Reports Group, although you will have to manually download and import each report individually into your Report Manager.

Does a customer have to be on the current version of Sage Intelligence Reporting to use this? Or could a very old Sage Intelligence Reporting version work with this Report Utility?

The Report Utility is compatible with the latest version of Sage Intelligence Reporting, but has not being tested on previous versions. You can however manually access these reports on the Free Reports Group on the Sage Intelligence Community.

Where will I find all the new reports that I have downloaded into the Report Manager?

There will be a new folder automatically added to your Report Manager folders called “New Reports”.

What version of Microsoft® Excel® does the Report Utility support?

Microsoft® Excel® 2010 +

What Sage Solutions are currently catered for?

Sage 50 US 2016, Sage Pastel V14, Sage Evolution V7, Sage 100 2016 (Std & Advanced), Sage 500 ERP 2016, Sage X3, Sage 100 Contractor US & Canadian Edition (v19.6).

How will I know which reports I don’t yet have?

The Report utility does a check against the reports in your Report Manager. Any reports that you do not have in your Report Manager will be selected. You can choose to download the selected reports or choose the unselect all option and then choose the specific reports you are wanting.

What happens if I mistakably download the same report twice?

The report will be imported into your Report Manager twice, so you will need to delete the duplicate copy of the report.

How do I delete a report in the Report Manager?

Select the report you would like to delete, right click and select delete.

Can I rename these reports?

Yes. To rename the report, right click on the report and select rename. You will then type in what you would like to call the report and select the ok button.

Can I customize these reports?

Yes. To customize a report we recommend you first take a copy of the report. Run out the copy report and make your changes in Microsoft Excel, and once complete right-click on the report in the Report Manager and choose to Save Excel Template.

Can I share these reports with other people?

If the user has a Sage Intelligence Report manager license we recommend that you share the link to the Report Utility with them. This way they will also have access to the free reports. Alternatively you could also use the normal export and import function of Sage Intelligence Reporting to share the report with others. If you would like to share the report with non-Sage Intelligence users then you would simply share the Excel workbook as per usual.

Can I request reports to be written?

If you can’t find the report you are looking for, we’d love to hear about your report ideas. Reports are are prioritised based on the number of requests received per idea/suggestion, ensuring that customers get what they need, when they need it. Click here to select your ideas

Are there any pre-requisites to using the Report Utility?

  • Sage Accounting/BMS solution
  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager
  • .NET Framework 4.5 (this is automatically installed if you don’t have it)
  • Excel 2010+

If I am running two or more Sage Intelligence solutions on my machine how will the Utility work?

When you running the Installer you will be prompted to say which Sage solution you would like to run it on.

Disclaimer: The Report Utility offers you free, downloadable reports that are compatible with the latest version of your Sage solution that Intelligence Reporting integrates with. While our expert report designers have tested these custom reports and every effort has been made to ensure that they are error free, they are created as a value-add and have not been subject to the rigorous quality assurance that the standard Sage Intelligence reports undergo. Therefore, no support is provided for these reports.