Learning your business intelligence solution made easy

Learning your business intelligence solution doesn’t have to be as daunting as some may feel. Here’s the thing—you already know the benefits of business intelligence (BI). You know that good BI can provide valuable, and profitable, insights for your company. But, are you fully implementing your BI solution and taking advantage of all of its […]

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Join Sally as she helps you forge ahead, making use of the Sage Intelligence Connector module

Sage Intelligence gives you a lot of value out-the-box, through the ready-to-use reports provided in the Report Manager and the free reports that you can access via the Report Utility.  If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for then you also have the ability to tweak them to suit your needs or build your own […]

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How to ignite your Excel skills to save time and increase your productivity

Microsoft® Excel® has become one of the most widely used software applications of all time, in both small and mid-sized businesses—as well as in much larger corporations.  Whether you like it or not, Excel is everywhere you look in the business world. By investing time in your Excel skills, you’ll not only increase your efficiency in operating the […]

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3 Reasons why your business should invest in a Business Intelligence solution

A good Business Intelligence solution will give your company a competitive advantage, and there are many compelling reasons why all business owners should make it a priority to invest in one. Here are the top three: Reason 1: Automate reporting processes Most companies face constant pressure to increase profitability, improve cash flow, reduce costs, and […]

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