Get access to Additional Reports on an ongoing basis in Sage Intelligence for Accounting!

With the new release of Sage Intelligence for Accounting, you’ll not only notice a fresh, new user interface that’s easy on the eyes, but also a redefined user experience that will help make your reporting solution even more intuitive and easy to use. But here’s the best part. We’ve also added a new Additional Reports […]

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Get a dynamic view of your top customers with the Top Customers Analysis report

This report gives you a dynamic view of your top 5, 10, 15 and 20 customers—depending on your requirements. The first dashboard you’ll notice is a map chart, which opens up after you’ve entered your required from and to date. This map chart highlights the amount of Sales per Customer by Location. The size of the bubble indicates the […]

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View quantities and values of stock purchased and sold with the Stock Movement report

This report displays the quantities and values of stock purchased and sold from the start date you enter at runtime to the current date, broken down by product.  It also includes opening and closing stock amounts.  This enables you to tell, at a glance, whether you’re perhaps overstocking or understocking on certain items, and whether […]

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Get an overview of your purchasing behaviour with the Purchase Analysis report

This report gives you an overview of where, and from whom, you’re purchasing goods and services based on the date selection you have made. To run this report, you’ll first choose the from and to date by simply clicking on the date selector to expand it further: The Purchase Analysis by Region report will then open for the period […]

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Flag customers who owe you money with the Overdue Customers report

This report helps you flag customers who are currently overdue and owe you money. With this report, you’ll be able to drill-down to specific customer information to follow up on the outstanding amounts as soon as possible—which will help your business cash flow. There are 3 pages to this report, namely; Overdue Customer Dashboard, Detail, […]

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Interactive dashboards now live in Sage Intelligence for Accounting!

Sage Intelligence has introduced five interactive dashboard reports to Sage Business Cloud Accounting that give you regular insights into your business’s key performance indicators. With these improved reports, you’ll be empowered with the ability to drill down into the detail of your information so that you can make faster decisions and act more decisively. Get […]

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