Cloud Computing

Everyone is going on about cloud computing, what is it and should you be considering it?

From what I have read and now come to understand, not fully I must add, cloud computing is a computing model not a technology. In this model of computing, all the servers, networks, applications and other elements related to data centers are made available to IT and end users via the Internet.

And I always thought cl;oud computing was for software only, but I was wrong. There appear to be  different types of cloud computing; Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service.

Before you consider Cloud computing you should probably consider a few things:

  • what are the viable paths to move legacy systems to the cloud?
  • are there architectual changes that need to happen between cloud and non cloud applications?
  • Will the cloud computing change current technology and operational process?
  • Do you go with a private cloud or a public/ hosted cloud?
  • And I guess for some countries around the world, will your bandwidth allow for fast and flexible cloud computing?

My head is in the Clouds